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If you find yourself with a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, we're available around the clock. We serve Nashville and the surrounding areas.


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For your plumbing emergencies that just can’t wait.

If you find yourself in the midst of a plumbing emergency in Nashville, simply give our team at Plumbing Solutions a call. From there, we’ll have you explain your emergency and provide you with further information about our emergency repair services and costs. After that, we’ll send a plumbing technician as soon as possible to your doorstep to scope out the problem and make any necessary repairs. Give our 24-hour plumbing company a call today.


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Your Trusted 24-Hour Plumber in Nashville

Life tends to throw unexpected situations at us. If one of those unexpected situations is a plumbing emergency in your home or commercial business, don’t fret. Let our professional plumbers in Nashville tackle the problem with professionalism and efficiency. Contact Plumbing Solutions today to get the help from an on-call 24-hour plumber.

For your convenience, we’ve listed common issues that warrant 24-hour emergency plumbing service below.

  • Your water heater is flooding your house.
  • Your outside spigot is over-watering your grass.
  • An overly dripping faucet.
  • A clogged or broken garbage disposal.
  • Overflowing toilet or other inconvenient toilet issues.
  • Freezing/frozen pipes.
  • Drain issues relating to grease clogs.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we suggest you immediately seek professional help. Don’t try to tackle these problems alone — especially if you have no previous experience doing so. You could potentially end up making the issue worse, which may end up costing you more in repair in the long-run.

Call us today for more information about our affordable plumbing services in Nashville and surrounding 

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How To Choose A Reliable 24-Hour Plumber

Unfortunately, not all plumbers hold the same high standards for their work that we do at Plumbing Solutions. When it comes to choosing a 24-hour plumber, there are some plumbing companies that do just enough to scrape by, which means your plumbing issue may only be temporarily solved.

Choose a reliable 24-hour plumber — like the ones we have at Plumbing Solutions — for your plumbing emergencies. Here are some tips for choosing a 24-hour plumber that will solve your plumbing emergency the correct way.

Choose A Specialized Plumber For This Service

Not all plumbing companies in Nashville specialize in emergency, 24-hour plumbing services. Choose a plumber that specifically markets for these services to ensure they have previous experience.

Check Online Reviews

There are SO many different plumbing companies for you to choose from, and luckily, you’re not the first person to be looking for one in your community. Check valid review websites to see how the plumbing company you’re interested in treated previous customers.

Review The Company’s Background

See if the plumbing company is known for drug-testing and background-checking its employees. A company that spends the time and money ensuring their plumbers are trustworthy and safe shows they care about who enters your home.

Plan Before You Panic

Sometimes when you’re in “panic mode” from a plumbing emergency, your logical thought processes can be skewed. This may result in you calling the first cheap plumber you get ahold of. Don’t do this.

About Our Emergency Services

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, or if you are simply looking for a 24-hour plumbing service, contact our team at Plumbing Solutions.  We will send out our highly trained emergency 24-hour plumbers to take care of any necessary repairs.

We’re proud of the high-quality work we provide for our 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Despite the pressure of dealing with a plumbing emergency, our plumbers always offer competent, efficient and professional work. Our dedicated technicians can find the source of your plumbing issue and get your system back to normal in no time.

When you find yourself in trouble with your toilets, showers, sinks, drain lines, water lines, etc., we know the importance of getting a quick response from your 24-hour plumber. That’s why we make it a priority to always be on time and to always get the job done right the first time around. Whether your plumbing issue is on a commercial property or residential property, our 24-hour plumber is a reliable option in Nashville and surrounding communities.

Make Plumbing Solutions your 24-hour emergency plumbing service company. We have a friendly 24-hour office staff available to answer any of your plumbing questions — daytime or nighttime. Receive a free consultation and quote for your plumbing needs today.

Commons Signs That Indicate You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

You can smell sewage or other unpleasant odors.

Your toilets are clogged beyond at-home repairs.

You have standing water on your property.

Your hot water isn’t working.

You have burst or frozen pipes.

You have showers that won’t drain.

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