Modern plumbing has come a long way from what it used to be. In fact, it’s OK to admit that most of us wouldn’t be able to cope like humans once used to without warm, running water and toilets with the ability to flush. But we have to pay our respects to the historical events that shaped the plumbing systems we see today — a few of which we’ll go over in today’s blog post.

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A Timeline Of Historical Plumbing Events

Below, we’ll provide you with a quick and easy timeline of the historical plumbing events that shaped today’s plumbing systems.

  • 4,000 B.C.: The first signs of ancient plumbing systems date back to around this time period when archaeologists came across some copper water pipes in the Indus River Valley in India. Where were these pipes found? In palace ruins.
  • 1500 B.C.: The first signs of the technology that allowed for storage of rainwater can be traced back to the island of Crete around this time period. Presumably, this stored rainwater was used for drinking, bathing and cooking uses.
  • 500 B.C. to 455 A.D.: The Romans, who were some of the most advanced in regards to ancient plumbing systems, developed an array of plumbing “luxuries,” such as underground sewer systems, public and private baths, water piping systems and more.
  • 1596: The first flushing water closet was invented by a man named Sir John Harington.
  • 1728: The first underground sewer system was installed in New York to address the odorous smells of open sewers.
  • 1830: The first public water main was install in New York.
  • Between 1845 and 1850: Draining piping systems made their way into everyday buildings. These systems were used to get rid of sewage from buildings into a disposal terminal.
  • 1928: The first plumbing code was published and was nicknamed the “Hoover Code.”
  • 1961: Legislation was passed (ADA) to ensure public restrooms were accessible to the physically handicapped.
  • 1992: The most modern piece of legislation (Energy Policy Act of 1992) called to restrict water flow rates in modern plumbing fixtures.

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