High-quality, luxury thrones come in all shapes and sizes — and no, we’re not talking about the ones you’d see in a Disney movie. We’re talking about the ones you install in one of your most widely used rooms in your home: the bathroom! You might not realize it, but there are many different heights you can choose from when it comes to your toilet. One of those types of toilets is a comfort height toilet, which we’ll elaborate more on below in this blog post.

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Today, we’ll be talking about comfort height toilets. Read on to learn more about this type of toilet and what it’s used for, and who knows? Maybe you’ll determine you want to install one for your home!

So… what is it?

A comfort height toilet is seated higher than your traditional toilet, which checks in at 15 inches high. Comfort height toilets are anywhere between 17 to 19 inches high, and these types of toilets are gaining popularity for a number of reasons.

Why would you want one?

Well, for one, it’s taller, which is a huge advantage for you taller (or, ahem, older) folks out there. The taller height typically makes it easier for individuals to sit down and stand up, and the taller height also takes away any of the discomforts from squatting too low to do your business. This type of toilet is also ideal for people with knee, leg or back problems.

Fun fact: Comfort height toilets are the required type of toilets for handicap bathrooms or stalls.

Are there any drawbacks to getting one?

There are a few situations where having a comfort height toilet wouldn’t be totally beneficial.

For one, if you have kids, they probably won’t be able to reach the seat as easily as a traditional toilet, which will cause plenty of problems we don’t want to think about you having to handle.

Second, some experts argue it’s more natural for our bodies to squat when we… you know. That’s when having a lower seat could be beneficial as well.

Lastly, depending on the circulation in your body, this type of toilet might cut off circulation to your legs. Ultimately, your toilet height comes down to personal preference, and you can always adjust as necessary.

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