Like many parts of our homes, if our drains aren’t having problems, we don’t think about them. Drains are made to work that way, but it can lead to surprises when they have trouble. Of course, the best way to avoid being surprised by drain issues is to have them cleaned regularly, but drain cleaning is rarely high on any homeowner’s maintenance list. That means that you likely have no idea the last time the drains on your property were cleaned. This is not a good situation. While your drains may be functioning trouble-free right now, that doesn’t mean that everything is fine. In today’s blog, we want to discuss just why regular drain cleaning should be part of your yearly maintenance budget.

Why Regular Drain Cleaning is Worth It

It prevents troubling odors.

  • When things are not moving through your plumbing like they should, it’s hard to ignore. Stagnated water makes itself known very quickly with that rotten egg smell. A neglected system can sometimes develop a major clog, which sends dirty water and waste back up into sinks and tubs. Just because you flush the toilet and don’t see any problems, that doesn’t mean everything is fine. The waste will hit the clog and then every drain line it passes will back up. In the worst case, you can end up with sewage and other waste in your sinks and tubs. If this happens, a lot of cleaning will need to be done in addition to plumbing work.

It saves you from expensive repairs.

  • If a plumbing fixture starts overflowing, it only takes a few seconds for water (and more) to get everywhere. Your flooring will probably be the first to go┬ábecause as soon as water gets beneath it into the subflooring, you’ve got to rip everything up. If the water gets high enough, your drywall and baseboards can be very damaged. Even worse, if the overflow happens on an upper floor, the water can damage the lower level’s ceiling, walls, and floors. In just a few minutes, you can be set back tens of thousands of dollars. When you look at it that way, paying for a regular drain cleaning is a bargain!

It keeps you healthy.

  • We depend on our homes to be healthy places, and that is impossible if we’ve got dirty water where it shouldn’t be. When wastewater soaks into your floors or other cracks and crevices, mildew, mold, and bacteria can follow. These unfriendly microorganisms love moist environments and thrive on dirt, grease, and waste. Once they have what they need, they can spread very quickly. These microorganisms can cause intestinal problems, infections, respiratory issues, and beyond. Keeping your drains clear keeps overflows away and ensures dangerous waste gets shuttled out of your house as quickly as possible.

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