There are many reasons why you should keep the garbage disposal in your home clean. For one, food leftovers can make it absolutely reek, and it’s a place where mold and bacteria can grow like no other. More importantly, if you don’t make an effort at cleaning your garbage disposal, your sink and pipes have a higher chance of clogging up, giving you plumbing problems you don’t want to have to deal with as a homeowner.

At Plumbing Solutions in Nashville Tennessee, we encourage our customers to keep all aspects of their plumbing systems clean, but sometimes, things happen when we’re least prepared. If for some reason you find yourself in need of commercial or residential plumbing services, contact our team of professional plumbers today.

In this blog post, we’ll go over three quick tips for cleaning your home’s garbage disposal.

1. Figure out where the smells are coming from.

A garbage disposal has more components than you might think, which is why it’s important for you to figure out exactly where any smells from a dirty garbage disposal are coming from.

We recommend constantly checking your plug or stopper, inside your sink’s actual pipes, within the disposal itself, and above and around the blades of the disposal. These areas seem to be the root of all smells.

2. Give these cleaning tricks a try.

We recommend cleaning your garbage disposal at least once a week to keep it running efficiently and to keep it from getting too dirty.

You can also create a weekly disposal deodorizer made of half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar.