Nearly everyone has experienced that horrible sinking feeling when they go to flush their toilet and no matter what they do, the water just won’t go down. A clogged toilet is not enjoyable for anyone, but it’s especially the case if your bathroom has heavy traffic or your home only has one toilet. Or worse yet, when you’ve clogged the toilet in someone else’s bathroom! 

As Nashville’s top plumbing services company, we get asked the question of how to keep the toilet clog-free quite often. So whether you’re expecting house guests, have a large family, or your toilets just seem prone to clogs, here are some things you can do to keep your toilet running as it should.

Make Sure Only Flushable Items Go Down The Drain

Even if you have a toilet that has powerful flushing capabilities, the fact is sewer lines are only able to handle certain types of objects. Namely, objects that are designed to dissolve quickly in water (i.e. toilet paper).

While it may seem like it’s okay to flush tissues or paper towels down the toilet, these items simply aren’t flushable. Keeping floss, cotton balls, feminine products, and similar items out of the toilet is critical to its flushing health.

One particularly deceptive item is supposedly “flushable” wipes. Which, as it turns out, are anything but flushable. They routinely fail tests designed to check whether or not they actually break down once flushed. Oftentimes, they simply sit in the sewers (along with other unflushable items) and cause millions of dollars in sewer work a year.

Talk to your children about what can and can’t go down the toilet and do some research for yourself. If you’re unsure, it’s best to simply dispose of the item in the trash.

Keep A Plunger Handy

While you never want to get to the point that you need a toilet plunger, having one handy is extremely helpful when a clog does happen. If you have a quality flange plunger (smaller, flat plungers are actually designed for sinks and other types of drains) most clogs can be dealt with right then and there. 

One thing people often do when they experience a clog is to “leave it for later,” hoping that the problem will solve itself by the next time they attempt to flush the toilet. However, this is not good practice. Once you experience a clog, it’s important to plunge as soon as possible and try to go through a few flush cycles. 

Problems In The Sewer Line

If you’re experiencing clogs on a regular basis, especially in multiple toilets, this could be a sign of problems in your main sewer line

Over time, waste material can build up in your sewer lines and wreak havoc on your system. Tree roots have also been known to puncture sewer lines and allow soil and other debris to enter the lines. 

Because sewer line issues are difficult to access, and can pose major problems to your home, the problem is best left to professionals.

Call The Professionals At Plumbing Solutions

If you’re unsure about the cause of the clog, you can always reach out to a professional. At Plumbing Solutions, we’re even available 24/7 for emergencies. Simply call or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll be on the job ASAP.