One of the most used, but often forgotten about, items in your home is your toilet. However, when it does come to mind, it’s usually when something goes wrong or you’re looking to replace them.

As Nashville’s trusted plumbing services team, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services. From clogged drains to brand new sewer line installation, our team can handle it all. If you’re wondering about whether or not to install a new toilet (or toilets) for your home or business, here are some of the benefits you’ll experience. 

Higher Levels Of Efficiency With Water Usage

One of the best benefits of getting a brand new toilet is increased efficiency with the way your toilet uses water. Older toilets have dated technology that often overuse water and can lead to higher bills, especially if you have a large family or own a commercial property where the bathroom is in constant use.

Older toilets also have a higher risk of developing issues and leaks. While it may not seem like a big deal, the average leaking toilet can waste 200 gallons of water a day. This adds up to 6,000 gallons a month! 

On the other hand, a new toilet can save you around two to five gallons with each and every flush, while maintaining high levels of efficiency. This ensures you get the flushing power to wash away everything you need, while saving water during the process. This is great not only for water conservation and the environment, but your utility bill as well. 

More Comfortable

When it comes to older toilets, their design is often hardly conducive to comfort. The term “porcelain throne” can hardly be applied to these rock-hard, oddly shaped toilets of the past. A good toilet allows you to be comfortable and can even help accommodate those who have special access needs. You, your family, and your guests will be thankful for your new investment.

More Efficient Use Of Space

Small bathrooms can feel cramped enough already with a large toilet taking up even more space than is necessary. Modern toilet designs have taken this to heart and there are many options, tankless toilets in particular, that take up as little space as possible. This can make it easier to install a shelf for more space or simply free up room and make your time in the bathroom a bit more enjoyable.

Aesthetics And Increasing Home Value

Getting a brand new toilet can help your entire bathroom feel like new. Whether you’ve gone through a recent remodel and your old toilet simply doesn’t match the modern design of your new bathroom or your toilet has become stained over many years of use, a new toilet can help complete your bathroom. 

A new toilet can be especially helpful if you’re trying to sell your home. The bathroom is a big selling point for potential buyers, and old fixtures can leave a bad impression. Getting a new toilet can be relatively inexpensive while providing a great return on your investment.

Plumbing Solutions Is Here To Keep Your Plumbing In Great Shape

We hope you enjoyed this post about the benefits of getting a brand new toilet. For all your plumbing needs, the team at Plumbing Solutions is here for you. If there’s any way we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.