They keep our running water hot and provide our lives with ultimate convenience. A solid water heater that is well taken care of can last you anywhere between 8 and 12 years, but when and how do you know that your water heater is simply too old to function properly anymore? In today’s blog post, we’ll provide you with a quick guide on when you should call it quits with your current tank water heater.

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Repair Or Replace?

The ultimate question for more appliances in our household: should I spend my money on repairs or should I replace it entirely? When it comes to your water heater, the answer to this question honestly varies.

After your water heater is about 5 years old, data shows it’s more likely to fail on you or cause you some sort of headache. In fact, according to, about 75 percent of water heaters will fail by the time they’re 12 years old.

If your water heater is still fairly new, we suggest opting for a repair service. If your water heater is constantly acting up, is well past its prime, or you simply want to upgrade and cut your energy expenses, a replacement might be the best solution.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to direct them toward our experienced plumbing team when you schedule your free quote.

How To Determine The Age Of Your Water Heater

All water heaters, regardless of brand, are required to have a rating plate directly on them that lists important information, such as the model number, the manufacturer’s name, the length of the warranty, etc. This is where you can find out exactly how old your current water heater is.

Some manufacturers make this easy, as they’ll include the month and year it was built into the first four digits of your water heater’s serial number. For other manufacturers, you can find the date your water heater was built by checking their date-decoding system online. Need some help on exactly how to do this? Ask one of our plumbing technicians during your free consultation.

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