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Water Heater Installation

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Technological advances in the plumbing industry constantly make our lives easier and easier to live. These days, water heating equipment is more efficient and effective than ever before, ranging from tankless heaters to solar-powered heaters.

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, our local Nashville Plumbers at Plumbing Solutions provide excellent water heater installation services. Simply give us a call, and we’ll provide you with a cost estimate as well as further details about our installation services. Schedule an appointment today.


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Signs You Need A New Water Heater

At TN Plumbing Solutions, we are firm believers that if an icy cold shower can be avoided, it absolutely should be. Even more than that, we believe that a majority of water damage can be avoided by staying on top of a hot water heater's age and functionality. We know that a majority of hot water heaters last at least a decade, but once they get past those 10 years, it's only a matter of time before it's time to replace them.
If you know the signs of a hot water heater about to give out, you can avoid suffering cold showers by replacing the unit before it breaks down. The following are clear signs your heater is about to fail:

  • Rumbling, pinging, or banging noises.
  • Rusty water.
  • Moisture around the heater.

If you are showing any of these signs, give our emergency plumbers in Nashville a call immediately. We'll be more than happy to install a new, up-to-date water heater in your home or commercial office.

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Benefits Of A Water Heater Replacement/Installation

Not sure if you should commit to a water heater replacement or water heater installation service? Well, there are several benefits you'll reap when you opt to update your current water heater system with a new one. We've listed three below:

Energy Efficiency

Faster hot water recovery rate

Savings on space

Thanks to always-advancing technology, today's water heaters are a lot more energy efficient than they were 5 to 10 years ago. You can save on your water bills and rest easy knowing you're doing your part in saving the environment when you install a new water heater in your home or office.

Does it take forever for your water to heat up again after being used for a long period of time? A new water heater can help speed up your hot water recovery rate so you can get hot water exactly when you need it most.

Old water heaters are known for being huge and clunky. Luckily, recent water heaters, especially tankless water heaters, are much smaller and can help you save on storage space.

The kitchen stove used to be the home’s water heater, but we are fortunate today to have high-tech appliances dedicated to heating water so we can get hot water whenever we want it. We don’t always realize how many parts of our modern lives depend on our hot water heaters — at least until they give out.

Hot water doesn’t just make our showers and baths comfortable; it facilitates the sanitation of our dishes and clothes. In businesses, it facilitates the comfort and convenience of customers and employees. If your hot water heater is old and is showing signs of giving out, it’s time to contact our team of professional plumbers at TN Plumbing Solutions. We have experience working with a variety of water heaters and can effectively and efficiently install a new one in your residence or place of business.

Install Our Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re in search of a new tankless water heater, our team at TN Plumbing Solutions can connect you with one from our high-quality Navien series. We are a Top Rated® Local Plumber in Nashville, and our staff of experienced professionals can efficiently and successfully install a tankless water heater in your home or business. We also offer a variety of other general residential and commercial plumbing services, as well as 24-hour emergency services.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your next appointment! You can call us at (615) 237-1062 or fill out our online form.

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