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We know that you have your choice of plumbing companies in Middle Tennessee. So we thank you for your interest in Plumbing Solutions! Here are just some of the things we bring to the table:

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The Dangers Of Basement Flooding

While anyone can tell you that basement flooding is something you want to avoid at all costs, few people know the true extent of damage that is caused when you basement floods. Especially if it does so on a consistent basis. Even excessive underground moisture can be a problem over the long term.

Besides the belongings you store in your basement, floods can lead to the weakening of your home’s foundation, which will lead to expensive repairs in the future as things will only get worse over time.

More than that, one of the biggest issues has to do with the growth of mold and mildew. An overly wet environment poses bacterial problems and can pose serious hazards to your health.


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What Is The Purpose Of A Sump Pump?

Chances are, if your home has a basement, that you have a sump pump installed, even if you have no idea what one is. Simply put, the purpose of a sump pump is to protect your basement from flooding due to excess moisture underground. This is especially true during seasons that bring heavy rain showers.

The key to preventing floods in your basement is by ensuring the water level stays below the floor, and that’s where sump pumps come in. These specialized plumbing devices that are designed to pump water from one location to another. They are installed at the lowest point of a home’s basement or crawl space and they work by redirecting ground water into the nearest storm drain or retention pond.

Sump pumps are activated by a mechanical float switch and only turn on when groundwater reaches a certain level.

Sump Pump Installation

While sump pump installation can be done yourself, it’s always advised to bring on a professional plumber for the job. As a critical piece of plumbing equipment, you’ll want to ensure that it’s installed correctly the first time. After all, it just takes one heavy rainfall for your basement to be filled with water if things aren’t done correctly.

At Plumbing Solutions, we’ll ensure your sump pump is installed to your 100% satisfaction. We’ll check the system to ensure it’ll run as it should and your property will be protected from excess groundwater at all times.

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Common Sump Pump Problems

Underpowered Sump Pump

One of the most common problems that occur with a sump pump is that it’s simply underpowered and/or poor quality. This is another reason why a professional sump pump installation will always be your best course of action. If you have a working sump pump and are still experiencing flooding, you may want to upgrade your system.

Pumps & Switches Are Clogged

If you don’t have a lid for your sump pump, it’s not uncommon for it to get dirty and clogged. This is especially problematic when the float switch gets jammed and doesn’t activate the sump pump when you need it. Be sure to keep an airtight lid on your system to ensure this problem doesn’t happen

Power Outages

Power outages often coincide with heavy rains, meaning you’ll want to be especially careful to ensure your sump pump has back up power. Ask your plumber about a system that has a high-capacity battery-operated backup.

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