We don’t just need water in our everyday lives; we need that water to be clean! We need good water pressure, hot water, cold water, and every temperature in between. Whether we’re cooking, cleaning, or taking care of ourselves, clean water plays an important role. We are lucky to live in a society with the infrastructure to provide us with reasonable water, and for the most part, plumbing systems serve us so well that we forget how important they are. However, a malfunction or breakage in your plumbing will quickly remind you of just how important it is.

At TN Plumbing Solutions, we are in the business of both fixing and preventing plumbing issues. That means we really appreciate it when people call us before they end up with the stress of catastrophic plumbing failure. Plumbing failures usually lead to expensive property damage, and there’s no reason for things to get that far when you have experts like us in town.  In today’s blog, we want to share signs that your plumbing needs professional attention as soon as possible.

Signs You Need to Call Us

Water pressure is low.

  • You know the normal water pressure for your shower, sink, and bathtub. If you turn the water on full blast and find the pressure is low or nonexistent, there are a few things that may be going on. Pipes may be clogged, the faucet itself may be clogged, your hot water heater might be damaged, or a pipe may have burst behind your walls. Either way, the decrease or loss of water pressure means you should contact us.

Your drains are slow.

  • Clogged drains are probably the most common issue troubling plumbing systems, and many people will attempt to address them before calling a plumber. Boiling water, commercial cleaners, and pipe snakes can make a big difference, but if you try those solutions and without success, something serious might be going on. You may have a broken pipe or water pooling behind the main drain. Broken pipes cause expensive damage and mold, and sitting water is a health risk. Don’t mess around; contact us for help.

The water is a strange color.

  • You should always see clear water coming out of your faucets. Any other color is a problem. Green water means that your copper plumbing is corroding, and once the water turns blue, the pipes have corroded completely. White or cloudy water means you have air in your pipes. Rusty pipes will cause red, brown, or yellow water.

Let Us Keep Things Flowing

At TN Plumbing Solutions, we understand how important plumbing is to your quality of life. That is why we do what we do. We also know that plumbing problems rarely happen on convenient days, and that is why we offer emergency services 24/7. We can help you whether you need plumbing help in your home or business. We offer specials and will always respect your property, treating it like it is our own. Contact Nashville’s best 24-hour plumber!