Do you know exactly how many of your daily activities depend on clean water? The best way to understand this is to have plumbing problems! There’s nothing like the dismay you feel when you realize you can’t grab a drink or wash your hands because something is wrong with your plumbing. The good news is, if you live in Nashville, you have access to world-class, affordable plumbing.

Plumbing systems must be handled carefully because they prevent water from destroying our homes and businesses. Unfortunately, a lot of damage happens to residential and commercial properties because people try to mend their plumbing without the help of a professional. They also see the signs of serious problems and fail to get help in time. That is why we’re taking a few blogs to share some signs that you need to contact us today. In our last blog, we discussed water discoloration, low water pressure, and clogged drains. Today, we have three more signs you need our help!

More Signs You Need to Call Us

Constant dripping.

  • When a showerhead or faucet drips even when the water is off, there are several things that might be going on. Leftover water may not be draining correctly, the water pressure might be too high, of the valve controlling the shower might be broken. While dripping isn’t as dramatic as green water or an overflowing toilet, dripping faucets can actually cause permanent damage to your plumbing and should be treated as soon as possible.

Knocking sounds from the pipes.

  • Water should flow through your plumbing and into your sink or bathtub without knocking sounds. If you start to hear knocking noises, your plumbing is telling you to contact us. Knocking happens for several reasons, including loose valves, too-high water pressure, loose support straps, and “water hammer” pressurization of the pipe right after you use it. If the problem isn’t diagnosed and addressed, the pipes can actually bend and break free of their mountings, causing leaks and expensive damage. Contact us for quick, lasting solutions and peace of mind.

No hot water.

  • This one is pretty obvious. While your water heater has a certain capacity that can be used too quickly, if you turn the hot water on for the first time in your day and the water is cold, something is wrong. Your water heater may have sprung a leak or lost its ability to keep a consistent temperature. Remember that the loss of hot water isn’t the only inconvenience here; when hot water heaters fail, they can cause water damage.

Contact Us in Nashville

You need clean water in order to live a healthy, full life. You also need your water to stay in your plumbing systems, where it belongs. Otherwise, you can end up with health risks and expensive damage to your property. The team at TN Plumbing Solutions is proud to be your solution. We have the expertise required to keep your plumbing in the best shape. Contact us at any time for affordable plumbing in Nashville!